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Process Driven

We believe in a process driven approach for every project. This helps us in controlling production costs and timelines. Not only do we ensure a quality product, but being process driven also means faster turnaround time and lower costs.

Skilled Technicians

Planning, research and documentation based on the marketing analysis and genre studies, gameplay, target audience, platforms, estimated schedule & team requirements.

Quality Assurance

A full-proof bug tracking system helps us control the quality of the final product. QA begins along with the project development and every module is unit tested. Test methodology formation/Test cases writing are an integral part of this process.

Unity 3D Game Development

Unity3D game engine supports the development of any game project from conceptualization all the way to release. It is the most popular game engine in the world and is the perfect solution for both beginner and advanced game developers alike. Using its features and toolsets, developers can create games for all the major gaming platforms in the world.

VR & AR Solutions

More than 60% of all augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content is developed with Unity. Using Unity’s versatile AR/VR API, and various advanced tools, Shamblez Studios creates immersive games and applications for major VR platforms as well as AR SDKs.


Content updates, bug fixes, maintenance and game release support along with support for marketing, launches, ad creation, app store optimization etc.

“First Person Shooter Game”

“In 2040, the zombie apocalypse began. This could be your last day on Earth so defense yourself & turning into a Zombie Hunter is your only hope for survival in this zombie apocalypse.

Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse with shooting games.”

“Go Kart Racer”

Kart Racing 3d Game, Kart racing is not just a game, it’s a racing battle, enjoy Go kart racing with your opponents.

“Archery – Skeletons”

“Skeleton soldiers in the scene will appear one after another, chasing and attacking the player.”

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